30 November marks the end of the BorderSens project after 51 months not without difficulties (pandemic included), but where the efforts of all members of the consortium have been rewarded with the successful development of three devices for the on-site detection of illicit drugs: array, single sensor and nanoMIPs sensor (video demonstrations of these devices can be found here).

The last project meeting took place at the same location as the KO meeting in September 2019, in Antwerp, in a meeting room called “Esperanza” (which means hope in Spanish).

BorderSens rollup at Esperanza meeting room

And we believe that this is the perfect word to end (for now) this project: Hope for a future where we all collaborate (researchers, technology companies, end-users, policy makers…) in the development and application of new technologies to combat drug trafficking. Hope in being able to get ahead in the detection of new drugs. Hope that these devices reach the market and can be used by police, border officers and other law enforcement agencies in all over Europe.

Congratulations to the BorderSens consortium for their amazing work!


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