drugs in europe

Drug use in the EU

The European Drug Report (EDR) 2019: Trends and Developments, the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction – EMCDDA’s flagship publication, provides an analysis of the latest data on the drug situation and responses to it across the European Union, Norway and Turkey.

The EMCDDA’s aim is to contribute to a healthier and more secure Europe by providing the best available evidence to support the development of informed and targeted drug policies and actions. Thus, the EDR gives stakeholders a timely overview of the drug situation, which is necessary for developing effective responses to today’s problems. Moreover, it affords an analysis of new threats, allowing us to prepare for future challenges arising in this fast-changing and complex area.

The EDR package also includes 30 Country Drug Reports, which provide an overview of the current situation for all countries participating in the EU drug information network.

The whole document is available here.

Drug use in Europe


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