electrochemistry in the war on drugs

The role of electrochemistry in the war on drugs

Electrochemical sensors have been already applied to develop a new method to achieve a fast and accurate detection of narcotics at low cost. Using this method, called NarcoReader and developed by the AXES group of Universiteit Antwerpen (Dr Devin Daems), the limitations and restrictions of existing tests (i.e. interpretation sensitivity, false positives/negatives, and environmental influences) can be tackled.

NarcoReader facilitates detection and capturing illicit drugs crossing borders, and identification of drug users (e.g. drivers of vehicles at roadside, employees at work places, prisoners). In addition to rapidity and high selectivity of the detection, the sensing strategies will also provide information about the type of drug and cutting agents and the amount of drug present in biological samples.

More information about NarcoReader can be found here and here.

The role of electrochemistry in the war on drugs


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