Project outcomes

Project outcomes

Three publications with the promising results of the research activities performed by the University of Antwerp and the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iuliu Hatieganu Cluj-Napoca will be published in the coming weeks:

  • Electrochemical method for ketamine determination in seized street samples

Herein, a straightforward electrochemical approach for the determination of ketamine in street samples and seizures is presented by employing screen-printed electrodes.

  • Highly selective electrochemical profiling of heroin in street samples

The present work reports the enriched electrochemical fingerprint of heroin based on electrochemical pretreated screen printed electrodes (p-SPE) for the selective detection in street samples.

  • Tackling the problem of drugs of abuse sensing through nanomaterials and biomimetic approaches.

Nanomaterials and biomimetic platforms have gained much attention over the last decade in the development of (bio)sensors for a myriad of applications. The review discusses about the types of drugs of abuse and their toxicological implications, classification of functionalized nanomaterials, their fabrication, and their application on real samples in different fields of forensic science.

We will let you know when these (and other) publications are available.


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